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Lola_Lago,_Vaciciones_de_sol - V acaciones al sol In this...

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Vacaciones al sol In this story you will be introduced to… Lola Lago- the boss of a detective agency in Madrid Paco (or Francisco) and Miguel - Lola’s partners. They are very good friends and good detectives but at times, they arrive a little late. Elisa - an old lady who is a friend of Lola’s who now lives in Costa Brava. She has a restaurant and wants to return to Madrid to see Lola. Ingvar- Elisa’s husband; he is Danish and a pianist. Max- Elisa and Ingvar’s son. Magnus Nilsson - is Swedish and wants to retire to Costa Brava. He’s bought a house and needs a detective. Gutiérrez, Alarcón, Pijuán, Jimmy- salesmen who are selling pretty dangerous houses. ONE In the center of Madrid on the street Alcalá, there is a small private detective agency. The director is a woman: Lola Lago. She has two partners, Paco and Miguel, a secretary, Margarita, and a young man for everything, Feliciano. The agency is on an old floor of a very old building. It’s like the office of Humphrey Bogart in a movie from the 40’s. “Margarita Margarita!”- yells Lola Margarita, the secretary, enters Lola’s office. “The file of the Sanchez case, where is it? You can never find anything in this office.” “Here” says Margarita calmly. “Here is what Ms. Margatira?” Lola only called her Ms. Margarita when she was very angry. “Here is the file for the Sanchez case. On top of your desk. Are you in a bad mood Lola?”
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The file was on her desk, under a few letters. Lola changes the topic. “Have my lovely partners arrived yet?” “No, it’s only ten” said Margarita ironically Paco and Miguel are very good detectives and very good friends of Lola but they are always late. TWO Lola looked at the file for the Sanchez case. The agency has problems and made a few bad days for Lola. There were no new cases, no clients… nothing. ‘Does everything work out in Madrid? Does no one need a detective? Does no one lose his wife? Does no one steal the grandmother’s jewels? Does no one want to spy on anyone?’ Lola asked herself. More so, now the agency had a fiscal investigation for which Lola needed the documents for the Sanchez case. The invoice was not there. And the Inspector of the Ministry of Property wanted to see that invoice- in the file there was none. There were letters, there were photos of Mrs. San`chez in a bikini in Mallorca with her lover and nothing more. No invoice. “Margarita! Margarita!!!” – yelled Lola But Margarita did not respond. She was talking in the phone with Tony, her boyfriend. THREE At eleven, Paco and Miguel, Lola’s partners, arrived. They entered talking, content, laughing to themselves. They had stopped for coffee at the bar next door and had read a little of “El País”. “Good day lovely colleagues” said Lola from her office.
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