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Datamodelleren en databases - proeftentamen Name___________________________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question. 1) Older systems that often contain data of poor quality are called __________ systems. 1) A) mainframe B) controlled C) database D) legacy 2) Data that describe the properties of other data are: 2) A) physical. B) logical. C) relationships. D) none of the above. 3) A user view is: 3) A) what a user sees when he or she looks out the window. B) a logical description of some portion of the database. C) a table or set of tables. D) a procedure stored on the server. 4) Database development begins with __________, which establishes the range and general contents of organizational databases. 4) A) cross - functional analysis B) enterprise data modeling C) departmental data modeling D) database design 5) A generic planning methodology that attempts to gain a broad understanding of the organization's information needs is called __________. 5) A) cross - functional planning B) strategic planning C) bottom - up planning D) top - down planning 6) A planning matrix that identifies which data are captured, used, updated, or deleted within each business function is called a(n) __________ matrix. 6)
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Proeftentamen - Datamodelleren en databases - proeftentamen...

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