Astronomy test 3 review - Astronomy 101 Test 3 Review The...

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Astronomy 101 Test 3 Review The goal is to be able to explain and describe the points brought up within the bulletions, with in this there are also some key terms underlined that you should be able to associate a deffinition with. The test according to Dr. Mohr is broken down into two parts, both parts should appear on the test in some sort of way. Review notes where there is a * to view the diagrams he offered related to the topic covered. Goals to understand. Part 1 of the test! 1. Solar Eclipse Experiment shows that the universe is curved. 2 . Why do we look at curvature? 3. The universe is curved leads us into the fact that the Universe is 4D "space". To prove this we use a graph of space and time 4. The graph shows events . 5. Every event has 2 Light cones 6. The diffrent types of curvature,Either possitive, negative, or Flat Curvature. 7. Localy Flat . 8. That finnially brings us to the fact that the universe is either open,closed or flat. 9. The types of energy for it to be this differs by 3 types of energy Kentic, Matter or Radiation. Part 2 of the test! 1. The Uncertiantiy Principle deals with light waves looking through 2 types of slits, Single Slit or Double Slit. 2. There are 2 types of light waves associated with the Uncertianty Principle either Difraction or Interference . 3. Interference has 2 types Destructive or Constructive . 4. The intensity of the light can be changed and a question occurs. Description of Goals to understand (notes). Part 1 of the test! 1. The Solar Eclipse Experiment was conducted to explain that gravity effects the path of light, gravity is attrative. A. During the Solar Eclipse Experiment 2 observations were preformed, one was looking at star during a solar eclipse and the other was looking at it when there was not a solar eclipse. B. In order for this experiment to work observers had to wait 6 months because if the sun is between you and 2 stars the light has to be block by a solar eclipse for the stars to become visible. C. During this experiment remeber it is better to have a strong gravitational field and one that we are accustome to. They looked at the light soure and
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gravitional field they noticed a curve around the sun before it became visible to earth. *See lecture diargram D. Solar Eclipse Experiment proves that the universe is curved because if there is 2 diffrent points at least one of these points has to be curved. Q1- Why do we know the universe is curved? Q2- How does the Solar Eclipse Experiment prove the universe is curved? Q3- Why did the results of the Solar Eclipse Experiment suggest the universe is curved ? 2. Why do we look at curvature, How do we determine curvature? (Steps) A. There is no refrence point in the universe, the universe sends information from point (A) to point (B) with particles. (Ex.- Dr. Mohrs chalk) B. First, we must be able to dectect these particles that the universe is using to send this information. C.
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Astronomy test 3 review - Astronomy 101 Test 3 Review The...

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