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Chapter 1 Transactional Analysis 3 Ego & States – 1) Parent State – Emotional Protector, guidance, provider, teacher, disciplinarian 8r ± • “ * , serious, critical, judgmental, supportive, nurturing &, authoritative, sensitive, responsible, independent, controller, guilt-maker, reliable 2) Adult State – no emotion Rational & & , observational ,”list-maker” 3) Child State Playful, self-centered, ²Poor Me”, syndrome, blames others, withdraw, curiosity,
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Unformatted text preview: learners, risk-takers, spontaneous, adventurous, rebellion & &, imitative & & , creative, imaginative, fearless, naive & &, innocent, gullible & & & , easily influenced, irresponsible, dependent, need attention, jealousy, insecure, lack tact &, manipulative & & P P A A Complementary transaction C C P P A A Crossed transaction C C ²I” messages...
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