week 1 homework Dipali

week 1 homework Dipali -...

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Week 1: Information Systems in the Digital Firm - Homework ES Help 1. Which of the following choices may lead to competitive advantage (1) new products, services and business models; (2) charging less for superior products; (3) responding to customers in real-time? (Points: 2) 1 only 1 and 2 2 and 3 1, 2, and 3 2. The average number of tickets sold daily online is an example of: (Points: 2) Input Raw data Meaningful information Output 3. The fact that online advertising revenues are growing at 30% a year, while offline traditional advertising is growing at about 5% a year, suggests that: (Points: 2) Internet advertising is very inexpensive Offline traditional advertising is not very effective The Internet is transforming the traditional advertising business model New technologies are more efficient at selling to customers 4. Engineers, scientists, or architects, who design new products or services for a firm, belong to which level of a business hierarchy? (Points: 2) Middle management Production workers
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week 1 homework Dipali -...

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