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Week 2: Organization, Management and Strategy of the Digital Firm - Homework ES Help 1. Wal-Mart's continuous replenishment system illustrates a tactical use of information services for: (Points: 2) Low-cost leadership Product differentiation Focusing on market niche Strengthening customer intimacy 2. Wal-Mart's continuous replenishment system allows it to: (Points: 2) Provide mass customization Provide an efficient customer response system Strengthen customer intimacy Achieve economy of scale 3. Internet technology: (Points: 2) Makes it easy for rivals to compete on price alone. Imposes a significant cost of entry, due to infrastructure requirements. Increases the difference between competitors because of the wide availability of information. Makes it easy to sustain operational advantages. 4. Since the dot-com bubble burst of 2001, e-commerce revenues: (Points: 2) Have essentially stagnated Show signs of stabilizing Have returned to solid growth Have returned to exponential growth 5. The most successful solutions or methods for achieving a business objective are called: (Points: 2)
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week 2 homework Dipali -...

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