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Chapter 11 Skills for Communicating Change 335 actions on developing past practices. In this situation, the imagery of “developing” was out of sync with the “transformational” change that was required. 50 To avoid such problems, Marshak urges managers to ensure that their language is aligned to the type of change they require. He identifies four different images of change and the language appropriate to each type: 51 Machine imagery of change. This is based on a “fix and maintain” view that depicts the organization as being “broken” and the change is designed to “fix” the problem. The change agent is depicted as a repairperson and words such as repair, adjust, and correct are aligned to this type of change. Developmental imagery of change. This is based on a “build and develop” view in which the organization needs to enhance its performance by building upon past and current practices to make them even better. The change agent is viewed as a trainer or coach and words such as
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