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IST210 Organization of Data PROGRESS REPORT ASSIGNMENT Date due: Week 10 (Please do not submit early) The project progress report provides details of where the project stands at a particular time. Progress reports may be provided daily, weekly, monthly or at the end of a project phase. There are two major uses of progress reports. The first use of a progress report is to provide documentation for historical purposes. The second is to communicate current status and immediate needs to other team members, project managers and other project stakeholders This assignment is to provide a progress report to your course instructor. Each member of the team is required to prepare and submit a progress report. The group may collaborate on details of what has been accomplished and what needs yet to be accomplished. But each member will prepare an individual report with the member’s own words. The format of the report should be organized into complete sentences and paragraphs
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Unformatted text preview: with the proper use of grammar and punctuation. You may use the template provided in Angel. The report should be a minimum of two pages, single spaced with double spacing between paragraphs. The following sections should be included: 1. Title block 2. Overall status at a glance 3. Work completed by you this reporting period 4. Work completed by the entire team this reporting period 5. Work to be completed by you and the entire team 6. What’s going well and why 7. What’s not going well and why 8. Suggestions/issues 9. Changes from original team contract and MOU A template for the Progress Report is provided in Angel under the LESSONS tab, PROBLEM folder and PROGRESS REPORT sub folder. Please submit the Progress Report document as an attachment in the appropriate drop box in Angel (Lessons/Problem/Progress Report)....
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