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Mass Marketing/Advertising Strategies As humans, advertisements, marketing and shopping becomes part of our life, whether we accept it or not. Marketers’’ main goal is to keep steady flow of customers in their business. So, they will do anything in their power to keep their current customers and to getting new ones by coming up with new strategies. Over the past decades, even schools have made marketing and advertising a part of their education. Although, the main argument here is that not all the strategies’ marketers use are ethical. They can only push us to a certain limit to buy their products or services. Studying customers based on surveys, performances, society etc, are some of the ways marketers can increase their sales without harming or upsetting anyone. After all it’s their job to come up with new strategies and expand their business; if they don’t do so, they might end up loosing their job/ business. In short, mass marketing strategies are bad as well as good; it all depends on how it’s been used to grab consumers’ attention. We glimpse at advertisement everywhere we go; television commercial, radio, billboards, newspapers, and internet. However, one of the approaches goes way beyond; Neuromarketing is a scientific approach to allure consumers. Companies use this strategy in order to take the marketing to next level. Rather than reliance on consumer’s verbal or
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advertisment - Mass Marketing/Advertising Strategies As...

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