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Chapter 14/15 Activity So your adolescent is making that intimidating transition from elementary school to junior high school….what can you do to help ensure that this change is as stress-free as possible? Provide your child with enhanced support and maintain your involvement in your adolescent’s life. It is also helpful to gradually grant your child autonomy and independence during this transition. Research has shown that children with close friends are more likely to have a favorable adjustment during this transition and have increased social integration.
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Unformatted text preview: • Teachers that provide transitioning students with academic and social counseling can be helpful in making this change as smooth as possible. • A favorable transition has also been associated with placing students in classrooms with familiar peers. It is vital that students make this transition as smoothly as possible to avoid the negative consequences that can be caused by unfavorable adjustment. These negative effects can include such things as lowered self-esteem, truancy, and depression....
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