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Article by Jenna Taylor

Article by Jenna Taylor - Article by Jenna Taylor[edit...

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Article by Jenna Taylor [ edit ] Introduction American public schools have become increasingly diverse since the Civil Rights Movement. Since the first African American students were allowed to attend the same schools as Caucasian students, the school system has been learning to cope with and eventually embrace different cultures that are present within it. One of the newest and most debated challenges now facing our school system is how to reach, teach, and support GLBT students. This article will explore the challenges and supports available to GLBT students in American public schools. [ edit ] What is GLBT? One may hear about the GLBT community frequently, but some do not know what it means. GLBT stands for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered people. GLBT is "a short acronym to represent the primary sexual orientation minorities" ("Safe zone"). Many GLBT students throughout the nation are faced with difficulties and discriminations most students do not have to face, making the classroom an unbearable place to be. Though this is true, it is easy for most to turn a
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