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Ch 2 Assignment

Ch 2 Assignment - Chelsea Valentine Chapter 2 Assignment In...

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Chelsea Valentine Chapter 2 Assignment In essence, the Human Genome Project can be defined as the sequencing of the over 20,000 genes in the human body. However, the true scope of the project is extremely expansive and involves a multitude of research topics, legal/ethical concerns, and personal opinions. Of these research topics, one that I find most interesting is the subject of gene testing in that it appears to provided the basis for the prevention of all genetic-based disorders. There are two different types of testing, direct examination of DNA and biochemical tests for enzymes and other proteins, and they are done for several different reasons. Included among these reasons are carrier screenings, testing embryos for disease, conformational diagnosis, and for forensic/identity testing. According to the research, the sample to be tested can be obtained from any tissue and a very fascinating technique called “probing” can be used to do the test.
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