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12 Assignment - Chapter 11/12 Assignment During middle...

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Chapter 11/12 Assignment During middle childhood there are a number of physical developments that occur and can be seen in two distinct areas: skeletal growth and brain development. Among these broad groups are a series of specific changes that take place including lengthening of the bones, replacement of primary teeth, and changes in vision and hearing. There are a number of hereditary and environmental factors that contribute to these changes and, unfortunately, there are also several health problems that occur as well. Actual growth of the body, or lengthening of the bones, is an important development during early childhood. Due to improved health and nutrition, there has been growth gain from older generations to more recent ones. This increase in nutrition and food supply, however, has also caused nearly 17 percent of United States children to be classified as obese. On the other hand, prolonged malnutrition, or a lack of essential nutrients, can cause retarded growth. Along the lines of skeletal growth in middle childhood is the replacement of the
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12 Assignment - Chapter 11/12 Assignment During middle...

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