Ch 13 Activity

Ch 13 Activity - Chapter 13 Activity As parents,...

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Chapter 13 Activity As parents, caregivers, and teachers, you all are aware of the changes your children have begun to go though – from growth spurts to emotional regulation. However, middle childhood produces a much more influential development. During this time your school-aged child is beginning to develop their sense of self-esteem. Although the key word is “self,” it is important to realize that you, as caregivers, have a profound influence on the development of high self-esteem. In addition to caregiver influence, there are also a variety of other influences and consequences in the development of self-esteem. Perhaps the most significant change in self-esteem you will notice is the shift from an extremely high and unrealistic level to one that is more realistic. This shift occurs fur to the fact that children at this age level are beginning to receive much more feedback on their competencies and self-evaluations in several areas including academic, social, physical/athletic, and physical appearance. As
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Ch 13 Activity - Chapter 13 Activity As parents,...

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