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ESSE EXAM_2010_1 - Name: _Chelsea Valentine_ Date: _2/6/10_...

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Name: ____Chelsea Valentine ___________ Date: _______2/6/10 _________________ MULTIPLE CHOICE (1 point each) Read each item carefully. Select the letter of the choice that represents the best answer. 1. The field of child development is A. motivated more by scientific curiosity than practical concerns. B. part of a larger field known as developmental science. C. not considered an interdisciplinary field because researchers in psychology rarely collaborate with researchers in other fields. D. driven largely by theoretical questions about children’s behavior. 2. Which period of human development is the most rapid time of change? A. the prenatal period B. infancy and toddlerhood C. middle childhood D. adolescence 3. Theories that are verified by research are vital to the field of child development because they A. ensure the proper use of rigorous research procedures. B. provide the ultimate truth regarding the development of children. C. often serve as a basis for practical action. D. are resistant to the influence of cultural values and belief systems. 4. Marcus was physically abused by his parents during his early years. Now in elementary school and living with a foster family, his school counselor believes that the negative events of his first few years can be overcome by his current positive life circumstances. The counselor emphasizes the role of ________ in development. A. nurture B. stages C. nature D. stability 5. John Locke viewed the child as A. born with original sin. B. a noble savage. C. a tabula rasa. D. close to angels. 6. According to Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s concept of noble savage, A. the human child follows the same general plan as the evolution of the species. B. children are naturally endowed with a sense of right and wrong. C. children are born as blank slates to be filled by adult instruction. D. c hildren must learn to redirect their naturally evil tendencies into socially acceptable behaviors. 7. Inspired by Charles Darwin’s work, G. Stanley Hall and his student, Arnold Gesell, A. were the first theorists to focus on the role of nurture in human development. B. computed age-related averages on large numbers of children to represent typical development. C. developed the concept of a sensitive period in human development. D. constructed the first intelligence test. ESSE 313: 2009-1010 revised 1/31/10
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Name: ____Chelsea Valentine ___________ Date: _______2/6/10 _________________ 8. Binet and Simon’s intelligence test originally was constructed to A. predict which children were most likely to become adult geniuses. B. measure individual differences in IQ as a function of variables like race, gender, and family background. C. document developmental improvements in children’s intellectual functioning. D.
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ESSE EXAM_2010_1 - Name: _Chelsea Valentine_ Date: _2/6/10_...

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