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Name_Chelsea Valentine ______________ Date__3/18/10 _______ SPED (ESSE) 313 EXAM 3 1. True or False : Growth norms and trends in body size are consistent across cultures. (p. 294) 2. True or False: Care of primary teeth is essential because diseased baby teeth can affect the health of permanent teeth. (p. 294) 3. Describe the general growth curve, which represents changes in body size from infancy to adolescence. (p. 296) It is rapid growth during infancy, slower gains in early and middle childhood, and rapid growth again during adolescence. 4. List three exceptions to the trend depicted by the general growth curve. (p. 296) A. Lymph glands B. Brain development C. Genitals 5. For most children, the (right / left ) hemisphere is especially active between 3 and 6 years of age and then levels off. In contrast, activity in the ( right / left) hemisphere increases steadily throughout early and middle childhood. This helps to explain the pattern of development for which skills? (p. 297) language skills (left hemisphere) and spatial skills (right hemisphere) 6. List three theories regarding the origins of handedness. (p. 298) A. Genetic predisposition B. Experience/Practice C. Prenatal events 7. True or False : Many left-handers have serious developmental problems. Explain your answer. (p. 298) There may be a more even distribution of cognitive functions across hemispheres; These
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Name_Chelsea Valentine ______________ Date__3/18/10 _______ SPED (ESSE) 313 children also tend to excel in both verbal and math skills. 8. The _pituitary __ gland, located near the base of the brain, releases hormones affecting physical growth. (p. 301) 9. Describe the impact of growth hormone (GH) and thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) on body growth, and indicate what happens when there are deficiencies of these hormones. (pp. 301–302) GH: necessary hormone for the development of all body tissues except the central nervous system and genitals; when deficient in this hormone children will only grow to an average of 4 ft 4 inches TSH: Prompts the thyroid gland to release thyroxine which is needed for brain development and for GH to have its full impact on the body; If deficient the child will be mentally retarded if injections are not received. 10. Describe the cause and characteristics of psychosocial dwarfism . (p. 302) Cause: Extreme emotional deprivation, stressful home life Characteristics: ____________________________________________________________________________ Very short stature, decreased GH secretion, immature skeletal age, and adjustment problems 11. True or False : Even when children with psychosocial dwarfism are removed from their emotionally inadequate environments at an early age, their growth is permanently stunted. (p. 302)
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Exam 3[1] - Name_Chelsea Valentine_ SPED (ESSE) 313...

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