Exam 4 - Exam 4 ESSE 313 Name:_Chelsea Valentine_...

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Exam 4 ESSE 313 Name:__Chelsea Valentine _________________________ Date:_______April 7, 2010 ____________________ ESSAY QUESTIONS: ANSWER 4 (FOUR) OF THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS. (PLEASE WRITE AT LEAST TWO COMPLETE PARAGRAPHS FOR EACH OF THE QUESTIONS YOU ANSWER). 1) Despite being an overweight child and adolescent, Tim is a normal-weight adult. He is worried that his children are at risk for obesity. Discuss the seriousness of obesity. What would you tell him about the link between heredity and obesity? Much different than simply being “overweight,” obesity is a serious issue in the United States today that needs to be addressed. Obesity can be caused by a number of reasons including poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and heredity. There are also several less familiar causes of obesity including lack of sleep and undernourishment in early childhood. If unaddressed in childhood, many individuals will become overweight in adulthood. In addition to possibly becoming overweight in adulthood, many obese children are often excluded socially which may lead to emotional and behavioral problems. Furthermore, these children tend to develop health problems such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes. The advice I would give to Tim about the link between heredity and obesity would be that heredity is only responsible for a tendency to gain weight, not weight gain itself. It is vital that Tim provides his children with a healthy environment and promotes healthy eating habits early in life. I would also inform Tim of the importance of not overfeeding his children as this contributes to excessive weight gain. Additionally, I would advise Tim to encourage and be involved in physical activities with his children to ensure that they are receiving the appropriate amount of exercise. 2)
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Exam 4 - Exam 4 ESSE 313 Name:_Chelsea Valentine_...

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