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Chelsea Valentine Dr. Joan Fishman-Hecht ESSE 313 20 January 2010 1. During my mother's pregnancy with me, according to her, she became the fattest and most swollen. The food she craved was primarily oatmeal and I find this interesting because this is one of my favorite breakfast foods. 2. Contrary to popular belief that labor is quicker with your second child than with your first, and much to the dismay of my mother, my birth took twice as long as my older sister's delivery. Moreover, the doctor that delivered me arrived so late that he had to do so in a suit and tie. 3. Quite embarrassingly, as a three-year old I was known for hiding food in my bedroom. This secret was only uncovered during our move when my bookshelf was moved and my hoard of cookies was found behind it. 4. I would describe my temperament as very level-headed. While discussing this with my parents, they both agreed that they could count on one hand the number of times they have seen me angry or upset. 5. Although this will be very difficult to sum up in just a few sentences, simply put, my primary caregiver was, and is, the most important individual in my life. This person is my mother and I would not be the same person I am today without her. Throughout my entire life I cannot recall a single instance where my mom was not there for me and she supported me in every decision I made - good or bad. 7. The child-rearing styles of my parents could not be more different. Having been in the military for my entire life, my dad tended to be very rigid. On the other hand, however, my mom was always the compassionate and understanding parent. I feel that this difference in my upbringing allowed me to become a very balanced adult. 8. The earliest memory I can recall is the birth of my little brother in June of 1989. The image that is most prominent in my mind is when I arrived at the hospital and saw him for the first time. Having been born slightly prematurely, I remember seeing him in the incubator and worrying that my new little brother might not come home. 10. My earliest memory of play with another adult is with my babysitters in Japan, Nikki and Kim. I was approximately three years-old and I can recall playing “house” with them quite often. In our version of the game, Nikki and Kim were always the “babies” whereas my sister and I were the “parents.” 11. Seeing as I have no memory of learning to walk or talk, I turned to my mother for the answer to this question. According to her, I took my first steps at about 11 months old and once I started there was no stopping me. I, apparently, enjoyed running up and down the hallway in our apartment. As for talking, I said my first words at roughly 12 months and was a bit of a slow learner seeing as my older
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sister liked to do all the talking for me. On the other hand, however, I can remember the first time I tied my shoes quite vividly. Although I reached this milestone at the appropriate time, I can recall being jealous and frustrated that my friends learned to tie their shoes much quicker than I did. 12.
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Memories Assignment - Chelsea Valentine Dr Joan...

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