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Unformatted text preview: Chelsea Valentine January 26, 2010 HIS 102 Assignment #2 The Atlantic Slave Trade In its most basic form, the Atlantic Slave Trade was nothing more than the peddling of human beings for a profit. Further examination of the practice and the introduction of a personal account on the trade, however, reveals the true nature of the slave trade and the mindset of the whites towards these black captives. Written by an anonymous French writer, this diary entry tells the tale of a barbaric and extremely inhumane practice. Employing such words as “victim” and “sufferer,” the author of this passage paints the picture of a situation where individuals are physically taken from their homes, hauled across the ocean in the dismal hull of a ship, and subsequently sold to the highest bitter. Furthermore, this account unveils an attitude of superiority held by the whites that were involved in the Atlantic Slave Trade. Described as “buyers” while these Africans are regarded as merely “merchandise,” the white men in this passage are portrayed as taking advantage of these...
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