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Research paper - Chelsea Valentine Mrs Becky Ritchey HIS...

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Chelsea Valentine Mrs. Becky Ritchey HIS 102 23 April 2010 World War I as the First Modern War Beginning in the summer of 1914, World War One was a war of firsts. Not only was it the first conflict to involve most of the world’s great powers, but it also became what many considered to be the “First Modern War.” During this time there were various, new weapons that were utilized and innovative propaganda campaigns that were taking place. Through the analysis of these new developments in World War I, one is able to gain an understanding as to why it was considered the “First Modern War.” New Weapons In comparison to earlier wars on the European continent, the First World War is distinguished as the first truly technological conflict. With the introduction of the tank, machine gun, and poisonous gas came the shift from 19 th century weaponry and warfare to a more modern combat style (Duffy). The Tank While the tank was a vital weapon during World War One, it was almost a year after the declaration of war that this vehicle made its debut. There were very few tanks in service during the initial phase
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of the Great War, yet, after large scale production began, there were at least 400 tanks in use by 1917 (Duffy). Much of this production occurred in Great Britain and it was at the Battle of Cambrai that these weapons were debuted in an attack against Germany. These tanks were able to breach the German front easily and capture over 10,000 prisoners (Raudzens 422). It was not until 1918 that this new weapon was used on a large scale and in the fashion they are associated with today (Duffy). In an attack at Le Hamel, the Allies employed an organized barrage of tanks that
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