Essential Environment: The Science behind the Stories (3rd Edition)

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Environmental Science Chapter 5 Notes 1. T or F. Consumers get their energy directly from the sun. False 2. Which kind of organism obtains energy only from producers? Herbivores 3. T or F. Phosphate salts contain carbon from the bodies of plants and animals that died millions of years ago. False 4. Which gas makes up 78 percent of our atmosphere but can be used by plants only when transformed by bacteria first? Nitrogen 5. T or F. A shrub is likely to be called a pioneer species. True 6. What kind of natural disaster helps some forest communities by allowing some trees to release their seeds, by clearing away deadwood, and by encouraging new growth? Fire 7. T or F. A scientist would likely study primary succession in the Amazon Rain Forest.
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8. T or F. In cellular respiration sugar molecules are its primary products. False 9. Freshwater ___________ are photosynthetic organisms. Algae 10. T or F. Consumers are organisms that get solar or other energy indirectly. True 11. The energy consumed by organisms can be stored in _____ and ___________molecules. Fat, sugar 12. The bacteria that live within the roots of a soybean plant are a critical part of the nitrogen cycle because they change atmospheric ___________ into a usable form. nitrogen 13. Succession is possible because new species make the environment ________ suitable for previous ones. less
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