phy 3 - M ichael Strickland 844162 Physics 111 Lab...

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Michael Strickland 844162 Physics 111 Lab September 14 2010 Kileigh Peturis Activity 5 Acceleration and Free Fall
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Introduction In everyday life we experience a variety of physical factors that affect everything and everyone. In the following lab experiment we will cover the properties referred to as acceleration and free fall. We will demonstrate this using three experiments that will have slightly different factors and trigonometrical properties that will affect each in similar and separate ways. The first experiment will use a fan cart set up on a measured, flat track and determine acceleration when it is constant using the kinematics equation: - = + x xo vot 12at2 . The second experiment consisted of a similar set up, but the fan was removed from the cart and the track set at an angle. This experiment was calculated trigonometrically by measuring the set up from the right angle it formed. Acceleration was determined in a similar fashion and it must be written as a = ms2 . (a =Acceleration)
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phy 3 - M ichael Strickland 844162 Physics 111 Lab...

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