physics - was a good demonstrator of static forces The...

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Michael Strickland 844162 Physics 111 lab September 27, 2010 Kileigh Peturis Activity 3 Statics
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Introduction Statics is the branch of mechanics concerned with the analysis of loads on physical systems in static equilibrium, that is, in a state where the relative positions of subsystems do not vary over time, or where components and structures are at a constant velocity. By Newton's first law, this situation implies that the net force and net torque on each body in the system is zero. From this constraint, such quantities as stress or pressure can be derived. This is demonstrated in the lab using the force of tension, done so by suspending a 250 mg weight from a string set up using a system of pulleys, support rods and force sensors. After setting up the experiment and adjusting the angle to 60 degrees measurements were taken to determine the amount of force that was being exerted on the string. Conclusion
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After the results were obtained it was reasonable to say that the experiment
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Unformatted text preview: was a good demonstrator of static forces. The calculated percent errors obtained in the measurements was so miniscule that it represented a fairly accurate value to the theoretical force exerted on the string. Through reviewing the information that was obtained in the practical that was performed all calculations that were obtained showed no calculation errors. This means the reason for the small error that was calculated for the lab could only be explained by either a systematic error or a personal error in the original measurements that were taken. Overall the uses of statics are prominent in everyday life, like the steel beams in the structure of the science building and so on. Most of the problems in this lab were easy to determine the said solutions, and I feel very confident in the information that was gained through the experiment....
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physics - was a good demonstrator of static forces The...

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