BIPN140 Lecture 5

BIPN140 Lecture 5 - KIR-an inward current carried by...

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Lecture 5 October 7, 2010 BIPN140 Combinations of Ion Currents, II Consequences and predictions about APs: threshold refractory periods accommodation anode break excitation gating currents: prediction and detection Channels carrying inward current Sodium channels- I Na Calcium channels-I Ca T, N, P/Q, L subtypes distinguished by kinetics, permeation properties and pharmacological susceptibility Channels carrying outward current Potassium channels Voltage-dependent-I Kv (delayed rectifier) Calcium-dependent-I Kc I-V relation; physiological sources of Ca Transient (voltage-dependent)-I KA ** Note : Inward rectifier (voltage-dependent)-I
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Unformatted text preview: KIR-an inward current carried by potassium Chloride channels Calcium-dependent-I ClCa Diversity of firing patterns: spontaneous vs silent, rhythmic Spontaneous activity : a general feature of the nervous system-silent neurons; pacemakers (beaters); bursters-tests of spontaneity roles of synaptic inputs roles of endogenous voltage-dependent currents 1 Pacemakers (beaters) additional conductances voltage-in dependent: I Na or non-selective cation voltage-dependent: I KA Bursters - origins of slow waves electrogenic sodium pump; tests voltage-dependent conductances; tests 2...
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BIPN140 Lecture 5 - KIR-an inward current carried by...

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