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Digilent Nexys2 Board Reference Manual ® Revision: June 21, 2008 215 E Main Suite D | Pullman, WA 99163 (509) 334 6306 Voice and Fax Copyright Digilent, Inc. All rights reserved 12 pages Doc: 502-107 Overview The Nexys2 circuit board is a complete, ready-to-use circuit development platform based on a Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA. Its on- board high-speed USB2 port, 16Mbytes of RAM and ROM, and several I/O devices and ports make it an ideal platform for digital systems of all kinds, including embedded processor systems based on Xilinx’s MicroBlaze. The USB2 port provides board power and a programming interface, so the Nexys2 board can be used with a notebook computer to create a truly portable design station. The Nexys2 brings leading technologies to a platform that anyone can use to gain digital design experience. It can host countless FPGA-based digital systems, and designs can easily grow beyond the board using any or all of the five expansion connectors. Four 12-pin Peripheral Module (Pmod) connectors can accommodate up to eight low-cost Pmods to add features like motor control, A/D and D/A conversion, audio circuits, and a host of sensor and actuator interfaces. All user- accessible signals on the Nexys2 board are ESD and short-circuit protected, ensuring a long operating life in any environment. The Nexys2 board is fully compatible with all versions of the Xilinx ISE tools, including the free WebPack. Now anyone can build real digital systems for less than the price of a textbook. Power Supplies The Nexys2 board input power input bus can be driven from a USB cable, from a 5VDC-15VDC, center positive, 2.1mm wall-plug supply, or from a battery pack. A shorting block loaded on the “power select” jumper selects the power source. The USB circuitry is always powered from the USB cable – if no USB cable is attached, the USB circuitry is left unpowered. 500K-gate Xilinx Spartan 3E FPGA USB2-based FPGA configuration and high-speed data transfers (using the free Adept Suite Software) USB-powered (batteries and/or wall-plug can also be used) 16MB of Micron PSDRAM &16MB of Intel StrataFlash ROM Xilinx Platform Flash for nonvolatile FPGA configurations Efficient switch-mode power supplies (good for battery powered applications) 50MHz oscillator plus socket for second oscillator 60 FPGA I/O’s routed to expansion connectors (one high- speed Hirose FX2 connector and four 6-pin headers) 8 LEDs, 4-digit 7-seg display, 4 buttons, 8 slide switches Ships in a plastic carry case with USB cable Figure 1: Nexys2 block diagram and features
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Digilent Nexys2 Reference Manual Copyright Digilent, Inc. Page 2/17 Doc: 502-107 Figure 3: Nexys2 power supply jumpers Figure 2: Nexys2 power supply block diagram The input power bus drives a 3.3V voltage regulator that supplies all required board current. Some devices require 2.5V, 1.8V, and 1.2V supplies in addition to the main 3.3V supply, and these additional supplies are
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Nexys2_rm - Digilent Nexys2 Board Reference Manual...

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