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HW #1 CS 392/6813: Computer Security Fall 2010 [100pts] DUE midnight 09/16/2010 Zhou, HuanXian (0225418) hzhou01@students.poly.edu Partner: Huan Zhang (0336630) hzhang10@students.poly.edu Problem 1 1) [10pts] List and explain in detail two problems related to computer security that you are aware of. Illustrate the problems with examples you have recently heard on the news or that you have encountered in your day-to-day life Two main problems related to computer security that we usually deal with are the computer virus that includes trojan, malware, rootkit, and software vulnerabilities of system design. Most of our computers encounter virus infection daily. Virus is a computer program or codes that can reproduce itself infinitely once a computer is infected, and it can be easily spread out through any network. Virus can corrupt the computer’s file system, damage vital information that we stored. And it can also open up back door channel for hacker to access the computer without notice to the administrator. As we often hear news about the economic losses cause by computer malfunctions due to virus infection annually, and the trend tends to be increasing every year. Another problem is the software vulnerabilities, due to the nature of software design, which is usually containing many bugs. These vulnerabilities can be used to gain root access of computer by hackers. Especially for most of the zero-day vulnerabilities, which have not been patched by the software vender since the released of their product. These 0-day vulnerabilities are commonly known, they act like holes on the system. Most skilled hacker can use them to target a system. One of the most recent news was that Google can be hacked by one of the 0-day vulnerability in Microsoft’s IE browser that can lead to remote code execution attacks, which let the attackers gain root privilege.
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2) [10pts] Do you know of any solutions that have been adopted to tackle these problems? If so, explain these solutions in detail.
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Zhou_Zhang_HW1 - HW #1 CS 392/6813: Computer Security Fall...

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