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Unformatted text preview: NYU‐Poly Introduction to VLSI Design‐ Report Guideline Report Writing Guideline EL5473/EE3193 ‐ Introduction to VLSI Design Polytechnic Institute of New York University Report Contents 1. Title Page: Project Title Names and/or Student IDs Date the report was submitted 2. Abstract – A summary of the contents of the lab report. 3. Introduction ‐ A brief description of the lab problem. 4. Design Section – Describes the design of your solution. 5. Waveforms – Should be included in the Appendix of your report. Waveforms should be clearly annotated, and testing sequences should be pointed out. 6. Testing – Describe the strategy behind the testing sequences and the inputs and expected outputs. The second part of testing is the results. Are the results expected? 7. Conclusion – Summarizes the report. 8. Appendix – includes waveforms (with annotation), diagrams, schematics, etc. 9. files and other items. Report Format and Presentation 1. 2. 3. 4. Typed Lab reports are preferred. Check your spelling and grammar. It is easy to do that in Microsoft word All appendix items should be clearly labeled. The names and ID numbers of your group members must be included in your report. 5. Waveform annotations should be useful and should include a title for the diagram. 1 ...
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