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EL 5473 Introduction to VLSI Design Lab Assignment 4 Due beginning of Class April 6, 2010 Before starting the lab itself, complete Tutorial 4 and you may want the TA to check off that it has been completed successfully. 1. Run simulations verifying the DLATCH schematic and extracted views created in Tutorial 4. 2. Modify your DLATCH so that 2 separate non-overlapping clocks can be used.
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Unformatted text preview: These modifications should be to both the schematic and layout views. Also, save this modified latch as DLATCH2. 3. Verify DLATCH2 through DRC and LVS and then simulate both the schematic and extracted views of DLATCH2. 4. Deliverables include The simulations for DLATCH (from Tutorial 4), proof of successful DRC and LVS for DLATCH2, and simulation results for DLATCH2....
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