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04. DataLink update

04. DataLink update - ase 2 The ACKs are[E Modiano Case 2...

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Why Frames and ACKs are Why Frames and ACKs are Numbered? Case 1: The ACK arrives late, which causes a timeout and retransmission at the sender, but the receiver is not able to tell if the packet is new or retransmitted without retransmitted without numbering the frame Case 2: The ACKs are
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Unformatted text preview: ase 2: The ACKs are [E. Modiano] Case 2: The ACKs are delayed. Even if the last frame gets lost, the receiver may think it is acknowledged. The reason? ACKs are not numbered. Communication Networks © Kang Xi, Polytechnic Institute of NYU 38 [E. Modiano]...
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