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hw10 - Zhou HuanXian(ID 0225418 HW10 EE136 Instructor Kang...

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Zhou, HuanXian (ID: 0225418) HW10 EE136 Instructor: Kang Xi 1. If you are redesigning the telnet protocol, what would you do to improve its performance over networks with long delays? We can cache the directory hierarchy and commands of the remote server, therefore many commands or operations can be done locally without access to the remote server, for example, ls, cd, find and so on. For those commands which must be sent to the remote server for execution, the whole command is sent to the remote server in a single packet, instead of one packet for every key hit, so it will save network bandwidth and improve the speed. 2. When I login to a telnet server, my password is not displayed on my screen. a) Who controls the display of the password, the client computer or the server? The server controls the display of password. b) Do you think sending password in telnet is secure? Why? No, It is not secure, because of telnet by default, it does not encrypt any data sent over
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