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1. Flow control is used to adjust the sender's sending rate to the receiver's  processing speed. A. True B.  False 2. Both stop-and-wait and sliding-window are based on feed-back control. A. True B.  False 3. By properly tuning the system, stop-and-wait can reach 100% channel utilization. A. True B.  False 4. By properly tuning the system, sliding window can reach 100% channel  utilization. A. True B.  False
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Unformatted text preview: 5. In stop and wait, which of the following cannot improve the utilization? A. Using longer frames B. Shorting the distance between the two stations. C. Increasing the bit rate of the channel D. Increasing the buffer size of the receiver 6. In sliding window flow control, increasing the window size will ALWAYS increase the utilization. A. True B. False...
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