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AMS 361: Applied Calculus IV by Prof. Y. Deng | Students | Info | Notes | Homework | Readings | Grades | Disability Act | Feedback | New notes for the spring 2010 semester: Updated on 1/3/2010 2:47pm (for students and TAs): (1) Welcome ~120 registered students to AMS-361 class for spring 2010 semester! (2) Please click “Readings” above for textbook information (3) Check the website here to view past and current information including grades. Many aspects of this course will be similar to the last semesters’ (4) No recitations for Week-1; recitations will start during the second week. (5) No homework for Week-1; HW assignment will be posted (on this web) during Week-2 and collected on Wed of Week-3. (6) All homework sets are assigned on Wednesdays and collected one week after (also on Wednesdays), before 8:20AM. No grades for late homework for any reason. (7) There are three recitation sections for this semester. You do not have to attend your registered recitation session. You may go to any recitations that fit your taste and schedule. In other words, you may register to a recitation session that still has space. (8) All grades (HWs, quizzes, final) will be posted with the class ID known only to individual students and the TAs (and myself of course). Notes for the fall 2009 semester: (1) The final grading is completed and grades (including ABC’s) are posted. Please contact me no later than
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12/23 noon if you notice any grading errors. PLEASE CHECK CAREFULY BEFORE MY SUBMISSION TO SOLOAR 12/23 Noon. There is no need to discuss the border line issues (A- vs. B+, etc) because I have considered every option to make it fair. Letter grading system has its limits. (2) The graded papers are ready for collection. They are outside my AMS office (A135 Physics Tower). Happy Holidays! (3) The solutions for the final are posted. I hope you did well. (4) School is open and the final is offered as usual. Good luck and see you at the test. (5) Solutions to HW9 are posted. (6) I’m available for Q&A through email/phone 24x7. Email or call me if you need to see me in person during regular school hours. I rotate myself in 3 different offices (ams, cewit, iap) so don’t assume you’d find me in a particular one with 100% probability. (7) This semester’s final will be held in 137 Harriman on Monday 12/21 at 11:15am-1:45pm. You would do 3 out of 5 problems for a total of 30 points. (8) Grades for work so far (except the final) are posted. Please make sure they are correct and my web is the only official posting. (9) Today (12/2) lecture was not fast enough to cover examples needed for HW9. Please read my book pp 135-138 (Examples 1-3) which are useful for doing some problems of HW9. Recitation TA will also lecture on such examples on Friday so please find time to attend his recitation. Please email or see me if you need help for HW9. (10) Graded HW9 will be returned to you as soon as the grading is done. Very likely, you would need
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index - AMS 361 Applied Calculus IV by Prof Y Deng |...

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