Chapter 2

Chapter 2 - Diagnostic (to confirm a current illness)...

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Chapter 2 Genetic and mental disorders Many mental disorders are believed to have a genetic component, including: Schizophrenia Depression and bipolar disorder Alzheimer’s disease Alcoholism / addictions Genetics and personality Three broad aspects of temperament (the baseline for personality development) are visible in infants: Sociability: eagerness or not to interact with people and their environment Reactivity or emotionality: Genetics and behavior Researchers are studying the genetic contribution to a variety of behaviors such as: Personality Sexual orientation Addiction Genetic counseling and testing Genetic counseling helps individuals/families understand genetics, evaluate risks, learn about diagnostic tests, and discuss treatment options. Popular test include:
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Unformatted text preview: Diagnostic (to confirm a current illness) Predictive Presymptomatic – to confirm a gene that ensures you WILL eventually get the disease. Predispositional – to confirm a gene that predicts you MIGHT eventually get the disease Carrier – to see if you carry a recessive gene Prenatal screening – for pre-pregnancy planning Newborn screening – genetic testing at birth Management and treatment of genetic conditions Treatments include: Dietary modifications Medications Environmental adaptations Gene therapy Implications of genetic research Medical advances and cures Issues in genetic screening and testing Issues of privacy and discrimination Workplace discrimination Health insurance discrimination Eugenics (selective breeding)...
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Chapter 2 - Diagnostic (to confirm a current illness)...

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