Chapter 7 Fitness

Chapter 7 Fitness - Chapter 7 Fitness Each 2-hour increment...

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Chapter 7 Fitness Each 2-hour increment in TV watching was associated with a 23% increase in obesity and a 14% increase in Type02 diabetes. Inactivity over 6 months resulted in significant gains in abdominal fat. Active people were nearly 20% less likely to be diagnosed with depression. At least 1 hour of walking per week predicted lower risk of coronary heart disease in women aged 45 years or older. Highly active people had a 3% lower risk of stroke than low-active people. Midlife physical activity was associated with a decreased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease later in life, even in genetically susceptible individuals. Fitness terms Physical activity: activity that requires any type of movement Exercise: structured, planned physical activity, often used to improve fitness levels. Physical fitness: ability of the body to respond to physical demands. Skill-related fitness: ability to perform specific leisure or sport skills – agility, speed, power, balance, coordination, and reaction time Health-related fitness: ability to perform daily living activities with vigor – cardio-respiratory & musculo-skeletal fitness (endurance, strength, flexibility) and body composition. Benefits of exercise People who are active are healthier than those who do not exercise. Physical benefits from exercise include: Longer lifespan – people with moderate to high levels of physical activity live longer than people who are sedentary Other benefits of exercise Cognitive benefits of processing information more quickly, delay age decline of brain functioning Psychological and emotional benefits by reducing stress levels and influencing mood Spiritual benefits by connecting with yourself, with others, and with
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Chapter 7 Fitness - Chapter 7 Fitness Each 2-hour increment...

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