Exam Review#2

Exam Review#2 - BMI – healthy overweight obese Of...

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Exam Review #2 Chapter 6 Micronutrients Fat vs. water-soluble vitamins Danger of consuming too many vitamins/minerals Fiber, and adding it to a diet (hint: SLOWLY) Different fats – good and bad, how much needed by adults/children (FATS REVIEW SLIDE!) LDL vs. HDL Benefit of whole grain/nutrient dense foods Antioxidants Food pyramid Organic foods Vegetarian diets RDA, AMDR, DRI’s defined Chapter 7 Health related fitness Skill related fitness Effect of physical activity/fitness on us (mood, longevity, cognition…) MET – low, moderate, vigorous intensity ACSM/AHA guidelines for exercise Target heart rate FITT Resistance training – strength vs. endurance Cross training Stretching Effect of muscle on BMR (energy consumption) RICE Chapter 8 Long-term outcome for highly restrictive diets
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Unformatted text preview: BMI – healthy, overweight, obese # Of calories = 1 lb fat Prevalence of 20% body fat by state Effect of childhood obesity on future likelihood of obesity Genetic effect on obesity? Healthy body weight characteristics Healthy percentages of body fat Effect of insufficient body fat Energy balance Factors effecting weight/leading to obesity epidemic Long-term issues with obesity Fast/restaurant food characteristics Weight cycling “Ideal body weight” (is there such a thing) Chapter 9 Identifying different eating disorders Characteristics, and health effects Disordered eating Thought patterns associated with eating disorders Female athlete triad Body image defined BI & gender BI & ethnicity BI & sport BI & children/teens...
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Exam Review#2 - BMI – healthy overweight obese Of...

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