Understanding Health Terms

Understanding Health Terms - Understanding Health Terms 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Understanding Health Terms 1. Health: state of complete physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being a. Traditionally: free of symptoms of disease or absence of disease or infirmity 2. Physical health: biological integrity of the individual. 3. Mental health: emotional and intellectual capabilities 4. The concept of spiritual health is a more recent addition to the WHO definition of health. 5. Spiritual health: the idea that people value systems and beliefs have an impact on their overall health. a. It does not require participation in a organized religion Wellness can also be conceptualized as a CONTINUUM On one end of the continuum is extreme illness and premature death. On the other end is wellness and optimal health Be conscious of the fact that physical health is only one of many components of wellness. As you progress from one end of the WELLNESS CONTINUUM, extreme illness, toward greater wellness, at about mid-point you reach a point where no symptoms of disease are present. Traditionally, Western medicine has focused primarily on treating illness. Therefore, Western medicine is of little help on the upper half of the wellness continuum. Western medicine has no tools to help the individual reach optimal wellness. More recently there has been added focus on helping people in the wellness half of the continuum. Helping people live their lives fully. With vitality and meaning. People usually want to be healthy but they desire health so that they can be More productive More attractive More comfortable More independent Good health is the means to attain optimal wellness and a higher quality of life. FUCK BRYCE MAYES! In the 2 nd half of the 20 th century, infectious diseases were largely brought under control....
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Understanding Health Terms - Understanding Health Terms 1....

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