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GEOG 100 Lecture 1

GEOG 100 Lecture 1 - GEOG 100 Lecture 1 1 What is Geography...

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GEOG 100 Lecture 1. 1. What is Geography? a. The Greek scholar Eratosthenes, who lived in the third century, was the first to use the word: geo – meaning earth and graphe – meaning description. i. Men investigating geographic questions date back to the writings of Homer @1280BC, who is credited as the “Father of Geography” by the Greeks. ii. The first map is credited to the Sumerians @2700BC. (Sumerians are located in “pre-Babylon”) b. Geography: the study of the surface of the earth, of the forms that make up that surface, of the processes that produce those forms, and of the history and distribution of those forms and processes. i. Study – anything that produces understanding of the earth’s surface ii. Surface – synonymous with landscape or place (variation depending on the mode of transport to see the landscape). Can be “cultural” or “physical.” iii. Form – a repetitive association of traits (house type, agricultural style).
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