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What makes a good person

What makes a good person - out our community encourage...

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What makes a good person? I believe a good person possesses a quality amount of skills and abilities that render a service of help. I believe that is what sets me aside from other candidates. I am a leader in all aspects and a team player. I have worked in schools with different children of all nationalities and personalities. I love to work with people and help others. I have always dreamed of being able to help another person and through this program with N2 Texas Corps, I believe my dreams will be achieved. My skills and experience comes from organizations with different churches in which we fed Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner to homeless adults and children in Downtown Dallas. I enjoyed those days of being able to give to the less fortunate. Families who struggle in everyday life just to get a meal for that day, really touches me and I want to get out and help those families in need. I am the type of person that wants to help
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Unformatted text preview: out our community, encourage children to reach for their goals and mentor as well. I possess a lot of skills that will definitely benefit your program. I have worked with my church on assignments, volunteered with PALS to help clothe children, worked with the mentoring program with Sequoyah Learning Center, fed homeless people in and out the city limits of Dallas, made pillows for adopted children, tutored students with reading disabilities and etc. I am very excited about working with the program and I would be delighted if you offered your extended hand! There is nothing more, I, am interested in then helping others and being another person’s support or back bone. I will be successful because, I, am willing to learn, grow, and experience everything with this program. I feel this program won’t just benefit the people in need but it will definitely benefit me as well with my growth and abilities to help others....
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