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Axia College Material Appendix C Worksheet Interpersonal Communication Worksheet Do you think technology helps or hinders our ability to communicate with others? Provide specific examples in the chart below to illustrate your opinions. Medium/Type of Communication Advantage Disadvantage Written Communication written can be an advantage and it can help you get your point across. When communication is ended with a period, question or exclamation mark it can appear different and confusing to some people. Electronic (e-mail or text) Emailing or text can be an advantage because these days you can do both by cell-phone. Sometimes when you send things electronically they are mostly read by someone else to make sure that it isn’t an authority needed. Cell phone ’s especially because everyone thinks their information is private. Face-to-face (one-on-one) One on one always lets the person know what’s going on and
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Unformatted text preview: it’s always best one to one so whatever needs to be said won’t be said in front of everyone. When one on one, it may sometimes feel as if it is personal. Face-to-face (group) No one is singled out and everyone is spoken to with the same mechanism. Some people may feel singled out when you speak with them in a group. Online (group) Communicating to different people from all over the world. Sometimes you only communicate with people online like an online college and you never see that person. Cell phones When you communicate through a cell phone, you can text, email, send pictures and etc. Some people (especially teens) get so much addicted to cell phones for talking, video, messaging, games, etc that they forget the real purpose of the phone and waste large part of their time in unnecessary interaction over XCOM 100 their cell phones. XCOM 100...
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xcom100_week4_worksheet[1] - it’s always best one to one...

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