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CheckPoint: Characteristics of Orientalism, Prejudice, and Discrimination According to Payne (2003) the government is increasing discrimination and prejudice against Muslim Immigrants. The government requires from Muslim countries to register with authorities when entering the country, by requiring them to do this the government is labeling the citizens from these countries as dangerous and possible terrorist. In the months following 9-11, 750 Muslims immigrants found themselves being detained by the Justice Department on minor immigration violations while they were investigated for ties to terrorism. New internal reports show that the government has often held people for long periods of time without any proof of terrorist links. There are many characteristics of Orientalism. Two such characteristics are; two different
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Unformatted text preview: groups of people that often mistaken as the same and a smaller culturally consistent group or country. Many of the immigrants that are coming to the United States are taking over jobs that the average American had given up. These jobs often include working in low income neighborhoods which tend to be more violent and prone to discrimination. Muslims and Asians are also being stereotyped which can lead to additional prejudice. We can help promote tolerance by not playing games that are violent. Families can become more involved with organizations that support equalization and invite someone of a different race inside their home to have a meal....
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