Effects of internet convergence

Effects of internet convergence - debate on whether they...

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Internet convergence and related issues about privacy protection affect a lot of different aspects in American life and in our culture. Education affects the American life so much. Internet has really advanced and now you can attend classes online from accredited colleges and still receive a diploma. Privacy protection affects American life with being online and inputting your information. In businesses, privacy protection is another thing a lot of people are worried about because in most jobs now you have to submit online. Families are affected by anything and everything as well in todays society and the following aspects with internet can affect a family. In the government, there are always people trying to hack into the systems and get personal information on the President and his staff. A lot of people always
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Unformatted text preview: debate on whether they should do things online or not. Internet convergence really impacts the government as well as relationships with the global community. People are scared and Identity theft online plays a big part in that issue. In the global community, there are a lot of different changes with weather, humidity and etc that affects the relationships with the global community. Global warning took affect and affected more people than I would of thought it would of affected and Haiti. A lot of things are happening in this world and we don’t understand it, but we have learned that it affects our community. Everything that affects our lives has something to do with media and culture in every aspect....
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