PCB3023Q6 - AngieHung:37AM Quiz6 Completed 2outof10points...

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Angie Hung 11/2/10 11:37 AM Quiz 6 Completed 2 out of 10 points   24 minutes, and 8 seconds out of 2 hours and
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Question 1 0 out of 1 points You isolate the p53 protein from a cancer patient and have determined its sequence. You find a single nucleotide mutation indicated below (in bold). The portion of the p53 gene reading frame that contains the mutation is shown below. If the bottom strand serves as the template for transcription, and the sequence shown is a region that represents 3 codons that are read consecutively, the mutation changes the original codon to what? FROM:     5’-A-A-G-A-G-G-C-G-A-3’      3’-T-T-C-T-C-C-G-C-T-5’   TO: 5’-A-A-G-A-G- A -C-G-A-3’ 3’-T-T-C-T-C- T -G-C-T-5’ Answer Selected Answer: Correct Answer: Question 2 0 out of 1 points Interestingly, when you test the function of the p53 protein from the cells of the cancer patient (described above), you see no difference between this p53 and the p53 from a normal person. You reason this is because:   Answer Selected Answer:
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PCB3023Q6 - AngieHung:37AM Quiz6 Completed 2outof10points...

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