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Tin Pan Alley 1/26/06 1. Cultural Historical Issues a. Mass Communication Systems i. Phonograph, cylinder disks, microphone ii. Radio broadcasting 1. Begin on large scale about 1920 with “Your Hit Parade” a. Audience opinions 2. Television overthrows radio (1945-50ish) Rise of Independent Radio a. Alan Freed – influential Cleveland disk jockey iii. Billboard Charts 1. Managing population attempting to homogenize the tastes of America b. Rise of Youth Culture i. Hormones thirst for stimulation and desire to break away 1. Desire to get music that does not represent the tastes of parents c. Tin Pan Alley i. Arose from Vaudeville stage musical ii. Written by Jews and Homosexuals in New York City outsiders producing mainstream culture 1. Assimilationist music – pushing the envelope but keeping it clean d. Publishing houses i. ASCAP -- American Society of Composers And Players ii. BMI -- Broadcasting Music Incorporated
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