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1-31-06 - The Origins of the Blues

1-31-06 - The Origins of the Blues - 1 2 The Origins of the...

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The Origins of the Blues 1/31/06 1. Review of Tin Pan Alley - Importance for Rock and Roll (White and Northern) a. 32-Bar Form – Four sections of eight bars b. 14561 – Heart and Soul Chord Progression c. Songs about romantic love d. ASCAP, Billboard etc… 2. The Blues (Black and Southern) a. Characteristics of West African and African-American Music i. Call-and-Response structures ii. Voiced percussion instruments and percussive approaches (things that can be clapped or smacked, e.g. congas) 1. Numerous drums that are all pitched differently, like congas iii. Interlocking rhythms that produce rhythmic clashes (syncopation) 1. Holds down “the groove” – the bell in African music, the bass guitar and drums in Rock and Roll iv. Playing instruments as if an extension of the voice v. Utilizing the unique sound qualities of instruments and voice 1. Heterogeneous sounds – using opposing sounds rather than blending 2. Un-pitched sounds – trumpets, throaty noises 3. Speech-to-song vocal continuum vi.
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