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Urban Blues 2/2/06 1. Urban Blues in Brief a. Migration of blues musicians to northern cities b. Incorporation of rhythm section and sold wind instruments from jazz bands c. Invention of electric guitar i. Louder volumes: guitars become solo instruments ii. Sustained sounds allow for longer melody 1. Greater imitation of the voice iii. Guitar becomes as important to blues sound as voice – Muddy Waters, BB King 2. Muddy Waters, “Louisiana Blues” (1950) a. Opening free-rhythm guitar solo imitation voice i. Followed by the main riff (the signature of the song) b. Two vocal stanzas or “choruses” of the blues c. Vocal phrases” 4 bars answered by 5 of 6-bar instrumental fills with main riff d. Lack of a percussive rhythm
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Boogy-Woogy Piano Style a. “Stop Time” – the stopping punctuation of a song b. First rock song? “Rockin’ 88” perhaps i. “Rock and Roll” = sex. period. ii. Distorted guitar, particularly edgy 4. Gospel Music Contributions a. Heydey 1920’s-60’s. Origins in pentacostal churches. b. Styles i. Gospel Quartets – a singer and a back up chorus, often a capella, call and response, vamping (playing the same chord over and over) ii. Hard Gospel (See Little Richard later) – soloist featured with much less call and response, garglly, emotional sound, electric organ, 5. Caribbean Music a. Claves Rhythm b. “Bo Diddley Beat” c. LaBamba Chord Changes...
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