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2-07-06 - Country, Western, Rise of Rock

2-07-06 - Country, Western, Rise of Rock - Country Western...

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Country, Western, Rise of Rock 2/7/06 1) Country and Western (C&W) in Brief a) Background i) Origins in folk songs of white rural Appalachian and southern folk songs ii) Cross pollination with African-American blues traditions iii) Incorporated novelty musical effects such as German yodel and Hawaiian guitars iv) Hawaiian guitars adapted and became pedal-steel guitars v) Sliding quality has affinity with blues note-bending and bottleneck styles b) Sound i) 8-bar musical periods; usually verse-chorus forms with an instrumental break ii) Crisp uniform beat with even subdivisions iii) No drums; rhythmic drive provided by bass player iv) Slapping bass (slap back): hitting the neck to make a percussive sound v) Rhythmic emphasis on beats 1 and 3 articulated by 2-beat bass pattern vi) Division of the chord into a bass note (played on beats 1 & 3) followed by the rest of the chord (played on beats 2 and 4) vii) Smooth but nasal vocal quality, sometimes incorporating a sob-like break in the voice viii)Clean, undistorted guitar sound; sometimes finger-picking patterns from solo banjo techniques 2) Review
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