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2-09-06 - Rockabilly, Soul, Do-Wop

2-09-06 - Rockabilly, Soul, Do-Wop - Rockabilly Soul Do-Wop...

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Rockabilly, Soul, Do-Wop 2/9/06 1. Rockabilly a. Buddy Holly i. Sound – straining, sexual strain / pent up sexual? ii. Four piece ensemble – fuller denser sound iii. “Peggy Sue” 1. Drummer plays 16 th notes – very fast 2. Guitar strumming with chords – not emulating the voice; sounds much like Chuck Berry b. Chuck Berry i. Flashy stage antics (mainly involving kicking, some moving the guitar around) ii. Narrative lyrics iii. Actually wrote his own music/lyrics iv. “Johnny B. Good” 1. Narrative (very much a country western) 2. Very clean (Not a throaty, bluesy sound) 3. Driving bass 2. R&B + Gospel Fusion Soul a. Ray Charles i. Merges gospel exuberance with R&B ii. Often changes gospel lyrics to secular lyrics iii. “I’ve Got a Woman” b. Little Richard i. Gospel exuberance to an extreme ii. Sound comes from “hard gospel” 1. Rough blues vocals 2. Interrupts son with shouts and declarations 3. Frenetic performance style modeled on gospel preachers iii. First “gender bender” in rock 1.
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