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Study Guide for Music 221, Exam 1 This list is not exhaustive, but if you become familiar with most of the items here, you will be well prepared for the exam. You should know the names, titles, and dates of the listening discussed in lecture and section. I. Musical Terms (see Definitions in Course Documents) II. Important chord progressions 12 bar blues “Heart and Soul” chord changes “La Bamba” chord changes III. Important forms Thirty-two bar form (or AABA) Verse-chorus and Verse-refrain forms (with or without bridge and middle eight) IV. Pre-rock Music Styles: know their musical contributions to rock ‘n’ roll Shared characteristics of African and African-American music Tin Pan Alley Classic/Country/ Urban Blues Barrelhouse Blues Boogie Woogie Blues Jump Rhythm and Blues Country and Western Caribbean and Latin-American music (including clave) “Sweet” and “Hard” Gospel (or quartets and solo gospel) V. Early Rock Styles Rockabilly Doo-wop Girl Group
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Unformatted text preview: Motown Southern Soul VI. Important Places: Mississippi Delta region, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Cleveland VII. Issues Racial politics of covers Elvis Presley’s role in early rock ‘n’ roll Civil Rights reflected in musical styles and record labels Gender and sexuality in girl group songs VIII. Important Events in Rock History The release of Blackboard Jungle Payola Scandal Establishment of ASCAP and BMI Billboard switching chart names from “race” to “r&b” (1949) to “soul” (1969; Charlton’s 1965 is incorrect) The loss of early rock ‘n’ rollers for various causes in the late 1950s IX. Important People and Names (not including those on listening list) Sam Phillips Berry Gordy Phil Spector Sun Records Alan Freed Holland-Dozier-Holland Carole King and Gerry Goffin, Brill Building Atlantic Records Stax-Volt Studios Booker T. And the MGs The Memphis Horns Funk Brothers James Jamerson Carol Kaye Funk Brothers...
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Music221StudyGuideforExam1 - Motown Southern Soul VI....

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