2-27-06 - Beatles and Beach Boys through 1964

2-27-06 - Beatles and Beach Boys through 1964 - The Beatles...

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The Beatles and Beach Boys 2/28/06 1. Rock ‘n’ Roll in England a. b. Skiffle: British rockabilly i. Developed by Lonnie Donegan in mid 1950s ii. Acoustic guitars, home-made bass, jazz drumming iii. Skiffle legacy of “Do it yourself” amateur bands 2. British Rock in early 1960s: three big categories i. Romantic “Beat” (Beatles) ii. Blues Revival (Rolling Stones) iii. Urban “Mod” (Who) b. Merseybeat in Early 1960s i. From Liverpool (industrial town by the Mersey River) c. i. Play in all-night bars in Hamburg, Germany d. Bands develop a noisy and upbeat sound – Mersybeat i. Emphatic rhythm guitar and heavy “beat” ii. Shimmery cymbal sound, even subdivisions of the beat 3. The Beatles a. Beatles - Importance i. First truly international rock group ii. Unique combination of rebellious attitude with romantic lyrics iii. Appears in the USA during a crisis period – appears to be fresh/interesting/exotic
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