Condensesd - Vietnam War 1 Folk Music a Anti-establishment...

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Vietnam War 2/23/06 1. Folk Music a. Anti-establishment adapted by war protesters b. Search for authenticity in music c. Rock and Roll attitude being bratty to everyone else 2. Post World War II Geopolitical Context in Vietnam a. Korea i. Domino Effect – Communism spreads like dominoes ii. Semi-official war precedent for interventionist politics b. Vietnam War (1959-75) i. French colony until 1954 ii. 1949: Communists (Vietminh) win North Vietnam from France iii. 1954: France and North Vietnam agree to a truce 1. Pentagon Papers reveal: US undermines reunification iv. 1959-60: Vietcong guerillas attack US military installations v. 1960-63: Growing antiwar protests in South Vietnam 1. President Diem unable to control public unrest 2. 1963: US quietly supports military coup; Diem executed vi. 1964: Tonkin Gulf Incident: unprovoked attack of US destroyers 1. US begins regular bombing of NV in response 2. Pentagon Papers reveal: there was no attack vii. 1969: North Vietnam places troops in neutral Cambodia 1. Nixon begins secret bombing of Cambodia viii. 1969-70: Full invasion of Cambodia 1. Destabilizes neutral monarchy 2. Results in civil war and rise of brutal Khmer Rouge in 1975 ix. 1971: Pentagon Papers leaked to the press 1. Reveals military escalation, miscalculations, and public deception between 1945-68 x. 1973: US begins pulling out of Vietnam and Cambodia 1. Over 58,000 US soldiers killed, over 150,000 wounded 2. Over 2 million Vietnamese killed, 3 million wounded 3. $25 billion /day xi. 1975: South Vietnamese government collapses 3. War Protests a. Overview i. Begin in 1964/5 after escalation of bombing and reinstated draft ii. War protests converge with Civil Rights movement 1. 1967 Martin Luther King begins giving anti-war speeches iii. National guard and police ordered to break up protests with force 1. 1968 Democratic convention: protesters beaten 2. 1970: National Guard shoots 15, kills 4 at Kent State b. Songs i. “For What It’s Worth” by Buffalo Springfield (1967) 1. About a general fear of life during war ii. Creedence Clearwater Revival 1. 2. 1969: became the most popular rock band in US 3. Lyrics with populist themes, especially issues of class 4. “Fortunate Son” (1969) a. War and class politics b. Frontlines populated by lower-income groups c. Government taxation and spending for war iii. “Love Child” by Diana Ross (1968) 1. First politically/socially conscious song from Motown iv. “What’s Going On” Marvin Gaye (1971) 1. 1st Motown artist to gain complete control over his recordings 2. Political concept album: addresses war, drugs, poverty, ecology 3. Framed by “street” sounds: place the music in the real world 4. Slower tempo to match seriousness of theme 5. Congas provide “black sound” 6. Retains lush Motown production with strings
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4. Rock ‘n’ Roll in England a.
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Condensesd - Vietnam War 1 Folk Music a Anti-establishment...

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